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Signed on September 04, 2008 at 12:15 PM
Name: Rev. Hartmut Fege

I am Mary Jo Anderson's husband. Just wanted to say "thank you " for all you have done for Bill Anderson and his family in the past year and at the time of his death. You are a stellar Fire Company.

Signed on August 02, 2008 at 11:39 PM
Name: Andrew Taggart
Rank/Title: Captain / EMT-B
Web Address: www.thirddistrictvfc.com
Location: Bristol, PA

web site look good keep up the good job!!!! here is the web site for my Dept. www.thirddistrictvfc.com

Signed on May 30, 2008 at 6:17 PM
Name: Kate Royds
Location: Collingswood, New Jersey

My parents had a house fire on May 25th in Collingswood. Your department was quick to respond, professional and kind. We appreciate the heroic work you do and are very thankful for your help. Sincerely, Kate Royds

Signed on April 23, 2008 at 8:53 PM
Name: Logan Peterson
Rank/Title: Student at Rohrer Middle School in Haddon Township
Location: Haddon Township, New Jersey

Sorry I don't have a web address and I don't understand the Location part. I did make a website for my boy scout troop, though. Great website!!! It would be nice if you would post your training times and what you'll be doing. Is anyone allowed to come and watch a training session? Great website!!!

Signed on February 06, 2008 at 9:42 PM
Name: Vic Filosa
Rank/Title: Ex-Chief, Uniondale Fire Department, Uniondale, NY
Location: Denville, New Jersey

Congratulations on a great web site. Good luck to the Chief and his officers, have a healthy and safe year. It has always been rewarding to be a brother in this great fraternity and as most of you know the WFC will always have a special place in my heart. You're always in my prayers.

Signed on July 11, 2007 at 2:37 AM
Name: Zerilda Dudley (Now Zee Schaffner)
Rank/Title: Westmont Native
Location: Now in Los Angeles CA area

I lived in Westmont on Emerald Avenue for nearly 20 years, and was always very proud that we had a volunteer Fire Co. I haven't learned from the site yet if it still is, but I'm very happy to see news from when I was there (ok, and waaaay earlier!), and news from just last month. I'll bookmark it, and send it off to my family, who are still in NJ.
Zee Schaffner

Signed on July 09, 2007 at 1:54 AM
Name: Tom Noe
Rank/Title: Former Captain, Defender Fire Company

Nice site. Well designed, with current info and recent events, balanced with respect and to the rich history of 15-1.

Congratulations John, Mikey & Hank !

To Rusty, job well done. Thanks for your service and leadership !

Signed on June 03, 2007 at 5:08 PM
Name: Billie McClintock
Rank/Title: Mom
Location: Westmont, NJ

Great job guys!

Signed on May 20, 2007 at 2:52 PM
Name: John Busch
Rank/Title: Chief
Web Address: Station611.com
Location: Clementon, NJ


I can't even begin to tell you how appreciative I am for letting Capt Young and FF Casey assist my department with the washing of our gear. It was a challenge starting my term of Chief with a PEOSHA write-up but the assistance of the above individuals made my situation easier going. You should be proud of the effort these men show representing Westmont FD!! Thanks again!

Chief John Busch

Signed on March 08, 2007 at 11:49 AM
Name: Carl Andrews
Rank/Title: Former Captain 1513
Location: Westmont, NJ

I would like to congratulate Chief John Medes and all of his new officers. I know you will all keep doing an outstanding dedicated service to the community,and especially, to Station 15-1. Chief, I still remember when I taught you how to speed shift 1513.

Signed on February 18, 2007 at 6:37 PM
Name: Jim Hoyle
Rank/Title: Former Captain, Westmont Fire Company No. 1
Location: Raleigh, NC

I would like to say congratulations to Chief John Medes and his Assistant Chiefs in their newly elected postions. I have known all these men for a long time and believe you have the best of the best to lead the Westmont Fire Co.

I wish you all well and I know you will do a great job for the community and all that serve under you.

God speed

Signed on February 11, 2007 at 8:59 AM
Name: K.C. McCarty
Rank/Title: Dispatcher
Location: Camden County Fire Alarm Office

I'm just sitting here killing time till the 0900 Camden Sunday morning "radio test"..
Very good site, liked those pics from the early 1900's with the horse drawn...way back then did Rusty still always sound like he just woke up??? hey "hun"

Signed on February 03, 2007 at 8:01 PM
Name: Meghan Snowdon
Location: Haddon Township, NJ

Hey! Loved the site! ~Meghan~

Signed on February 03, 2007 at 6:10 PM
Name: Shaoron Brenhuber (Schuck)
Location: Little Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

Your website was sent to me by my son, Daniel Colacicco. He keeps up on it since both his grandfather and great grandfather were volunteers in the Westmont Fire Company. Someone there might remember their names, John W. Schuck and George S. Schuck. Keep up the good work. You guys have always been good at what you do, and your dedication is something that words cannot describe. Just a note from someone who know a few of you left.

Signed on December 30, 2006 at 7:14 AM
Name: Matze
Rank/Title: Firefighter
Web Address: www.mrn-blaulichter.de
Location: Germany

Very good site with many informations!!
Look here for german firetrucks: www.mrn-blaulichter.de

Signed on December 22, 2006 at 7:35 AM
Name: Brettan Boring
Rank/Title: Firefighter
Web Address: www.windberfire.org
Location: Windber, Pennsylvania

Your page looks really nice. I am from Windber Pennsylvania and I am always looking at fire department websites. Up here in Pennsylvania there is a Westmont also. If you look at our website we have a link to their webpage. Stay safe brothers and sisters.

FF Brettan Boring
Windber Pennsylvania
Station 611
"Whatever It Takes"

Signed on October 17, 2006 at 7:13 PM
Name: Bill Bartling
Rank/Title: Engineer, Oaklyn Fire Department
Location: Oaklyn, New Jersey

I checked out your Web. site for the first time tonight, Tues. 10-16-06. I was really impressed by what I saw. Even the photos of our Fire. Thank you for your Help. It is good to know that our neighbors and Brother Firefighters were there when we needed them.

Signed on October 03, 2006 at 4:15 PM
Name: Pam Quick
Rank/Title: Apparatus Operator
Location: Birmingham Alabama

I enjoy the story's on this site, keep up the good work, sometimes it's hard being accepted as a female firefighter/medic. Thank you.

Signed on September 27, 2006 at 12:50 AM
Name: Jay Hughes
Rank/Title: Firefighter/EMT
Web Address: www.astonbeechwood72.com
Location: Aston, PA

Hey guys haven't seen you since we covered you about 3 or 4 years ago for those funerals, so just wanted to pop in and see what's goin on.

Congrats on the new Seagrave!

Stay safe brothers!

Signed on September 06, 2006 at 10:17 PM
Name: Scott Cairns
Rank/Title: Lieutenant, Oaklyn Fire Department
Location: Oaklyn, NJ

Hey Dan, it's almost time for the BD 500. Get the trophy ready.

Signed on July 09, 2006 at 6:14 PM
Name: Derek Hidell "The Painter"
Rank/Title: Oaklyn Fire Dept. (N.J.) / Grand Fire District #1 (CO)
Location: Granby/Winter Park, Colorado

BIG TIME HELLO: Its good to see you guys way out here in Colorado !!!
Good Job Daniel on your article about mutual-aid to Oaklyn.
Your web-site looks like it may cost you a small fortune, but
I guess my brothers at WFC can afford almost anything... HA. HA .HA
Thanks for all the HOSPITALIY IN THE PAST !!!
You all treated me like family and that will always stick with me.
Rock & Roll to everyone at the good old... Station 15-1

Signed on June 22, 2006 at 4:29 PM
Name: Steve Pelna
Rank/Title: Captain
Web Address: www.firstwestchester.org
Location: West Chester, PA

Hey Prez (Joe),

Site looks good. Where's your picture at the Mother's Day fire? Good luck with the new Seagrave.

Signed on June 19, 2006 at 2:24 AM
Name: Dan Sisson
Rank/Title: Fire/Safety Officer Presbyterian Night Shelter
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Even though I live in Texas, I have always had a fascination with the Fire Departments up in the Northeast United States. Our city currently operates 41 stations with almost 795 personnel on a 24/48 three shift schedule. I like your patch.
I started a patch collection some seven years ago and so far have about 30. Do you give patches out?

Keep up the great work.


Signed on June 13, 2006 at 1:33 PM
Name: Harold Dawkins
Rank/Title: Retired Captain / Ex Chief
Location: Richmond County, N.C.

Great site. You guys did a great job. Keep up the good work. Hope to have our Department up in the coming months.

Signed on June 08, 2006 at 8:49 PM
Name: Linda Henson
Location: Haddon Township, NJ

Thank you for serving our community. I live in the Extension (West Collingswood), but I know you help here too.

Signed on April 11, 2006 at 1:56 PM
Name: Doug
Web Address: www.doctordepotonline.com
Location: Westmont, NJ

I just wanted to thank the participants at the westmont fire department for making our town a safer place. The new site looks great.

Signed on April 09, 2006 at 1:37 AM
Name: Dave
Web Address: www.mypencil.com
Location: Haddon Township, NJ

The new site looks nice, keep up the great service you provide...

Signed on March 23, 2006 at 10:07 PM
Name: Allen Bell
Rank/Title: Lieutenant
Location: Dover, NJ

Website looks great. Be safe my brothers from the south.

Signed on March 18, 2006 at 9:38 PM
Name: Mike

Excellent job on the site. Now if only my station's site looked that good.

Signed on February 12, 2006 at 4:59 PM
Name: Mike Lirones
Web Address: www.listwithgold.com
Location: Westmont, NJ

Great site! I am proud to live in Haddon Twp and appreciate your service.

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