Haddonfield Second Alarm
By Captain/EMT Dan Devitt
August 7, 2019

At 0507 Task Force 14 (Station 14, Ladder 1324 and Squirt 2-1) were dispatched in the area of Walnut and Lincoln Avenues for a reported Dwelling fire. At 0508 the 2nd source was started due to the volume of calls being received reporting the fire which added Squad 13 (Cherry Hill) and Squirt 15-1.

Haddonfield Chief Trotman arrived on scene and reported a two and a half story twin dwelling that was heavily involved. Chief Trotman transmitted the "All Hands" which dispatched Rescue 15-1 to the scene as the RIT Team. Chief Trotman also advised responding Companies of live power lines that were down in the front of the structure.

Squirt 15-1 arrived simultaneously with Squad 13 and Ladder 1324. Squad 13 was stretching a 2 ½" hand line and dropped a supply line from Park Place and Lincoln Avenues. Chief Trotman reported that the occupants in the Bravo side were unaccounted for at that time. Squirt 15-1 and Ladder 1324 forced entry into the Bravo side and started an aggressive primary search.

As the crews from Squirt 15-1 and Ladder 1324 were in the midst of the primary search, crews reported to command that a hand line was needed on the Bravo side. Crews were met by a heavy volume of fire in the Bravo side which was hampering the primary search.

Crews deployed a hand line and in conjunction with the hand lines on the exterior the fire was knocked down. Interior crews reported the primary search was negative which was confirmed by Command as the occupants were found outside.

Interior crews on both the Bravo and Delta sides of the structure were reporting fire conditions on all floors. Numerous hand lines were placed into service. Chief Trotman transmitted the 2nd Alarm at 0600. 2nd Alarm Companies staged their apparatus and sent their manpower forward.

Crews worked to open up the walls and ceilings to check for fire extension. The fire extended to the attic area of both the Bravo and Delta sides and all crews were brought out of the structure so master streams could be used from the exterior to knock the heavy volume of fire down.

Ladder 14 set up the Aerial on the A/D Corner and Squirt 15-1 was relocated and the aerial was used on the Alpha side. Companies operated in Defensive mode until the fire conditions were knocked down. The fire was placed under control at 0654.

Rescue 15-1 returned to Station 15-1 and swapped apparatus and brought Tower Ladder 15 to the fire ground for extensive exterior overhaul. Companies operated from the exterior hitting hot spots due to roof collapse and floor instability for an extended period of time.

Once all hot spots were hit, the Camden County Fire Marshal's Office and New Jersey Division of Fire Safety started to conduct their investigation. Smaller hot spots flared up and companies made quick work of them and the scene was then turned over to the Fire Marshal's Office.