Collingswood "All Hands"
By Captain/EMT Dan Devitt
July 16, 2018

At 1820 Hours, Task Force 16 (Squad 16, Ladder 15-1, Squad 51, Engine 1132, and BLS 1557) were dispatched to 706 Center Street for a reported dwelling fire.

Ladder 15-1 responded at 1824 hours with a staffing of 6 and while responding, Squad 16 requested the “All-Hands” to be dispatched.

Squad 16 arrived on location with an active fire in the attic area with heavy smoke throughout and obtained their own water supply. Squad 16 was stretching a hand line for fire suppression and Ladder 15-1 was advised to open up upon arrival.

Ladder 15-1 arrived on location and split the crew with half going interior to open up for Squad 16 and the other half to open up the roof due to the fire conditions in the attic.

Squad 51 and Engine 1132 arrived on location with Squad 51 stretching a backup line and Engine 1132 assisted Ladder 15-1’s crew on the interior with opening up.

Engine 1512 was dispatched to relocate to Station 16 and was brought into the fire as an additional Engine Company. Engine 1512 arrived at 1842 hours and stood by as the FAST Team for the assignment as Ladder 1324 was put to work.

Rescue 15-1 was requested to the scene to act as the Cascade Unit to fill SCBA bottles on scene.

With all visible fire in the attic space knocked down the fire was placed under control at 1902 hours with crews remaining on location for extensive overhaul operations.

Units: Squad 16, 1601
Mutual Aid: Ladder 15-1, Engine 1512, Rescue 15-1, BLS 1557, Squad 51, Engine 1132, Ladder 1324, Rehab 13, PSEG