Cherry Hill 3rd Alarm
By Captain/EMT Dan Devitt
April 5, 2018

At 1457 MVU-1 was dispatched to Playa Del Sol Apartments for an Apartment Fire. MVU-1 responded immediately and at 1500 Ladder 15-1 was dispatched to the same address for the 2nd Alarm.

Ladder 15-1 responded with a staffing of 6 and while en route, Command transmitted the 3rd Alarm. Upon arrival MVU-1 set up at the A/D Corner for smoke removal.

Ladder 15-1 arrived and staged in the manpower pool. The crew from Ladder 15-1 and Engine 1132 reported to the 5th floor and staged on the fire floor.

Ladder 15-1 was given the orders to check the occupant of Apartment 508 as they said they were possibly trapped in the Apartment.

Ladder 15-1 made entry into Apartment 508 and found the occupant was not trapped and had a minor smoke condition in the apartment.

The smoke was removed via natural ventilation. Ladder 15-1 then made relief with the crews operating in the fire apartment and stood by with the Fire Marshal.

With no further services needed, Ladder 15-1 returned to the manpower pool in the parking lot and then was released from the fire ground.

Units: Ladder 15-1, MVU-1