Winter Storm Safety
By Captain/EMT Dan Devitt
March 20, 2018

With the pending snowfall expected to start sometime today and into tonight, we would like to remind everyone to park their vehicles off the street and keep travel to a minimum. This helps us in the event of an emergency, and most importantly helps Haddon Township Public Works properly clear the snow from the streets.

You may see yellow caution tape & safety cones up in certain areas. Please do not disregard them and drive thru or around. There is most likely a hazard you may not see but we have identified on the other side of the caution tape and cones, such as LIVE POWER LINES.

These are left because while there is no immediate or growing threat, there is nothing more the Fire Department & Haddon Township Public Works can do until PSE&G, Comcast, and/or Verizon remove their wires.

If you find downed wires, don’t hesitate to contact 911 and have professionals check the hazard.